Infared IPA


 6/10 Wow this is a really punchy IPA! Full of flavour.  It’s brewed in America which has been pretty keen on powerful IPA flavours recently. Lots of batch brews coming to light which is great for people like me.  This IPA refuses to be pale. In fact it’s a deep ruby red… Earthy orange, caramel… Read more »


DNA new world IPA


 8/10 Decent, punchy IPA. Lovers of Brewdog should give this a try.  An Anglo American mash up of a Wells classic and a reduction of Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA  4.5%


Bangal Lancer


 9/10 Very, very smooth Indian Pale Ale. Now these normally bring a big citrus punch (which I also like) but this is a silky beer.  You can still taste the hops but there isn’t as much “tang” as with other IPAs.  Inspired by the Bengal Lancer cavalry regiments during the time of the British Empire. … Read more »


Baby faced assasin


 8/10 This is a very nice IPA from Yorkshire. Full of flavour and a nice aroma.  Brewed with 100% citra hops that create aromas of mango, apricot, grapefruit and orange. Along with a lasting juicy, tropical fruit bitterness.  6.1%


Bishops Finger


 8/10 Bishops Finger takes it’s name from an ancient signpost along on the Pilgrims Way, pointing pilgrims to the shrine of Thomas A Becket at Cantebury Cathedral.  Kentish strong ale It’s a dark, warming ale that bursts with flavour. Great stuff! 5.4%




 9/10 A fantastic Getman wheat beer. This is on par with Erdinger (which is more widely available in the UK).  Nice and cloudy, as a good wheat beer should be. Not overly sweet like some other wheat beers (hoegarden etc) and what a brilliant name: “scoffer-hofer”!  They sell it in M&S. Go fetch! 5%


Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Beer


 8/10 Who knew they did beer?! So glad I was bought this. It’s a porter that’s brewed with cocoa shells to give a nice malty, choclaty taste.  It’s a really tasty craft beer, love this! “complex rounded ale with real character” 4.7%




 8/10 Thought is try this in the Weatherspoons beer festival as it was only £1.99 a pint. Glad I did too! Bloody beautiful!  Its a tastey, dark London porter. Not bitter at all, just right! 5.6% Ps: similar to Dark Star Original

Devil's Backbone

Devils Backbone, American IPA


 7/10 A very smooth IPA… which is unusual as normally I find them a bit tart. Devils backbone brewing company is a small but award winning American brewery that have just started being served in my local Wetherspoons, result!




 9/10 My best white beer! Great taste, amazing beer.

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    Samba King


     6/10 It’s 9.30pm and it’s taken me ages to get the kids in bed. Long day at work. Knackered and hungry, I open the fridge and there’s a cold beer waiting for me. Bingo.  The house is now quiet. I sit on the couch to enjoy the moment.  …. Ok wife just came home and… Read more »

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    Big wave


     7/10 What a lovely little ale!  It’s quite a light ale that would be perfect on a hot day. Usually ale gets a bit chewey in the sun but this is as light as lager. It has soft bubbles and a smooth taste. It’s actually a very refreshing ale!  Even though it’s quite light it… Read more »

  • Southwold Summer Beer


     7/10 If you like your ales, especially something with a little twist from the norm, then check out the Adnams beers which are brewed exclusively for M&S.  Zesty flavour of grapefruit, sweet with a hint of bitterness This is a fantastic beer for a summers day – or evening in my case! Yes it’s zesty… Read more »

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    California Lager


     6/10 I drank this ice cold on a warm evening. It hits the spot! A very refreshing lager with a smooth finish.  Normally I find that most lager tastes the same. But this is a decent beer. It tastes as lager should, rather than the weak keg offerings of the typical UK pub.  Golden colour,… Read more »

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     6/10 Another of the exclusive beers brewed for Marks & Spencer’s. You can’t go wrong in their range.  This is a crisp and lively pale ale. Big bubbly head. Citrus nose. Clean and refreshing taste.  If you like your citrus then this is for you.   Brewed to showcase the wonderful flavours of the modern… Read more »

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    Anchor Steam Beer


     7/10 Brewed in San Francisco since 1896. This is a fantastic beer for a hot day.  Anchor is one of the smallest breweries in the world.  The short & chubby bottles are a nice alternative to the long, thin bottles we’re used to in the UK.  The beer is light and refreshing. But there is… Read more »

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    Yorkshire Red


     7/10 I’m drinking this on my mates canal barge. It’s a lovely day, suns out. 10.30am….! Red ales are great. Really getting into them at the moment. This one is by Black Sheep Brewery who always produce fantastic ales. I went to uni in Yorkshire so they have a special place in my fuzzy memory. … Read more »

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    Trappistes Rochefort 8


     10/10 Now ladies and gents… you’re in for a treat….  If you’ve never come across a “trappist” beer before then you need to pay attention. If you love beer then you will love this. There are only 11 monasteries in the world that produce offical trappist beer. The Brasserie de Rochefort, which opened in 1595, is… Read more »

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    Saigon Export


     6/10 Cold, refreshing Vietnamise beer. Bubbly and refreshing. It has a welcomed malty taste with a hint of sweetness.   Available in all good Vietnamise restaurants! 4.9%

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    Epic Saison


     6/10 Quite a cool looking bottle with a great write up on the back. They have their own tasting notes there and they sounded amazing! A transcontinental fusion of belgiums eclectic beer culture and the feisty hops of North America I love Belgium beer, I love hops. Lets go! The beer is quite light in… Read more »