Rosey Nosey

7/10 Well I’m packing for a weekend away with the family. Usually the packing part is quite boring but not tonight…. I’ve found some left over Christmas beer! Now I’m definitely in the holiday spirit ūüôā This is a full bodied ale from Batemans brewery. It’s rich and slightly fruity.  Not overly “Christmassy” like some… Read more »



7/10 I’m still trying to get through all my Christmas beers. (It’s a hard life!) Winter amber ale This is a really tasty amber ale. It has a slight winter fruityness to it but it’s not over powering. I could easily sink a few of these in July. I bet Santa does!! 5%


Greenwich Winter Spiced Porter

5/10 I’m loving the Christmas theme beers at the moment.  This one is a nice, dark and malty porter. Spiced with cinnamon and allspice to give it a winter kick.  I like the idea but it was a bit too sweet for me.  5.5%



6/10 A Christmas ruby ale by the black sheep brewery in Yorkshire.  Santa approved Black Sheep ale has a bit of a punchier taste than your other common ales: Abbot, London Pride, 6X etc. It has a bitter sweet kick – that i like! This Christmas version is a little bit sweeter and has a… Read more »


Bah Humbug

8/10 Well it’s December, so let’s roll out the Christmas themed beers! This is another cracker from the master brewers at the Wychwood Brewery. I expected a mean, thick, dark beer to match the branding but was very pleasantly surprised.  It’s a warm brown coloured beer that tastes lovely. If a beer could taste like… Read more »

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    5/10 There is more chocolate than coffee in this mocha! Very rich and sweet. It actually contains real arabica coffee as well as Belgian chocolate!  It’s great for a treat or if you are a choc-a-holic!  6%

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    Two Roads Expressway

    7/10 I didn’t think I’d like this as much as I did. It’s a coffee stout so I was expecting an espresso kick but this is soooo smooth. There is coffee yes but this is such a dark and rich beer it adds to the flavour rather than tasking over it.  Bloody brilliant! In a… Read more »

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    3/10 A “multi award winning beer”.  Could have fooled me! I thought my wife had given me a joke pint (she does that from time to time to keep me on my toes). But no, this was a big let down for me.  It has a Belgium blonde start, hint of citrus, then quite an… Read more »

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    Camden IHL lager

    7/10 I enjoyed this “Indian Hells Lager”!  The Camden Town brewery have done well with this.  It’s as refreshing as lager with the taste of an IPA. Hoppy lager… who would have thought?  We love IPA but we brew lager. Do this is an IPA, resurrected as lager…. in our office this is known as… Read more »

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    Stone IPA

    9/10 Love this! Such a great Indian pale ale. Smooth, hoppy and seems to have a flicker of a Belgian wheat beer about it (its not brewed with wheat that’s just how it tastes to me).   It’s brewed in Germany and imported by Brewdog Brewery. What’s a great pair! I’ve had a lot of… Read more »

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    Anchor Porter

    7/10 One of the best porters I’ve tried. It has a lightness to it but keeps the big flavour. You don’t feel full after having one as you would some other porters or stouts. There is a sweetness to it.  5.6%

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    Alice Porter

    6/10 Quite a tasty little Porter by brewdog! Enigmatic dark alchemy Goes down well and isn’t too bitter. Hints of chocolate and fruit. Decent Porter! 4.6%

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    RIP Snorter

    5/10 I do like a ruby beer from time to time. Especially with a ruby murry! I visited the Hogs Back brewery recently and had a fantastic time. If you have the chance to do their brewery tour then I recommend it. They are very generous with their beers! This is quite a complex red… Read more »

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    Vital IPA

    6/10 A strong and hoppy Indian pale ale. Brewed with American hops and German malts.  Quite nice but a bit tangy.  6.5%

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    Santa Paws

    4/10 A Christmas scotch ale from Brewdog. It’s dark and sweet. Not bad! But I prefer my Christmas beers with a bit more fruit and spice. 4.5%