Stone IPA

9/10 Love this! Such a great Indian pale ale. Smooth, hoppy and seems to have a flicker of a Belgian wheat beer about it (its not brewed with wheat that’s just how it tastes to me).   It’s brewed in Germany and imported by Brewdog Brewery. What’s a great pair! I’ve had a lot of… Read more »

A over T

9/10 This is only available at the brewery. I carried this bottle for 2 hours on the way home and waited for “a good time” to try it.  That time finally came after bossing an Ikea wardrobe! Aromas Over Tongham is an award winning vintage beer. Bottle conditioned for extra flavour. It has a deep,… Read more »

Trappistes Rochefort 8

10/10 Now ladies and gents… you’re in for a treat….  If you’ve never come across a “trappist” beer before then you need to pay attention. If you love beer then you will love this. There are only 11 monasteries in the world that produce offical trappist beer. The Brasserie de Rochefort, which opened in 1595, is… Read more »


9/10 White IPA is brewed by Adnams in Suffolk. Inspired by American and Belgium flavours. Drank in Kent. Wow! This is a really fantastic IPA. It smells great and has a big citrus punch. Yet it’s still quite smooth. Goes down very well. I need to buy more of this… Combines the pine and citrus… Read more »

Pistonhead Full Amber

9/10 Dark. Full bodied amber lager. Well if this is a lager, it’s probably the best lager I’ve ever tasted! It’s clear, dark brown with a bitter/citrus after taste. Full bodied…. Very unusual in a lager! This is fantastic. It’s dry hopped with citra and cascade hope to offer a spicy citrus edge with a… Read more »

Leffe Rituel 9•

10/10 Behold! This is the best type of Leffe I’ve tasted. It’s a full, rich beer. You almost feel like you need to chew it!  I was lucky enough to be given it after a friend did a booze run to France.  I really like Leffe anyway. It’s a slightly tamer Belgium beer than the… Read more »

Rogue Amber Ale

9/10 Amazing amber ale from the other side of the pond. Very soft and smooth  with a slightly sweet aftertaste.  Find it in weatherspoons! 5.3%


8/10 Full bodied, malty. Really smooth beer. Now one of my favourites. Nice! Timothy Taylor’s Boltmaker was CAMRA champion beer of Britain 2014. Originally brewed in the 1930s as a best bitter to quench the thirst of Yorkshire’s miners.

Tripel Karmeliet

10/10 One of my best beers. This is a great trappist tripel from the Karmeliet abbey. The monks struck gold with this one! Blonde, robust, smooth and fruity 3 grain beer, with final fermentation in the bottle. Brewed with pride, and patience after carmelite tradition with wheat oats and barley. Serve 6-9C 8.4%

  • Guinness Foreign Extra

    9/10 Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! 🍀 I’ve been saving this beer for months. Ever since I visited St James Gate last year I’ve been looking forward to trying this… super strong Guinness!  Yes my friends, this black stuff is 7.5%!  The bottle has been in the fridge over night so it’s lovely and cold. The… Read more »

  • Crackendale

    8/10 Light and refreshing with a big citrus punch in the face! This is one of them beers that I liked so much I was reading up on th ingredients. Then it clicked that I’ve done this before with “citra hops”. Magical ingredient! 5.2%

  • Alpha Beta

    7/10 Soft bitter sweet citrus rye ale. Very refreshing session pale ale.  4.5%

  • American Indian Pale Ale

    8/10 Got this on the off chance at M&S. So glad!! This is everything I want in an IPA: citrus smell, refreshing taste, big hop smash with a bitter kick. 👍 Brewed by Arbor Ales. Will definitely be buying this again.  6%

  • Unfiltered lager

    6/10 Don’t be put off with the look. This may look like a can from the Tesco Value range but it’s actually a decent little beer!  Brewed in Germany – and they know their lagers! This is an unfiltered lager which means that’s retained much of the flavour and body that the brewer intended. This… Read more »

  • Goose 312 urban wheat ale

    7/10 Goose are based in Chicago and have been the stars of a few awesome beers of late. I usually see their pale ales around so was excited to try their take on a wheat beer.  The 321 didn’t disappoint. Very enjoyable pint. Same cloudiness that you would expect from a wheat beer but hoppier… Read more »

  • Soul style IPA

    8/10 What a chilled out beer! Light and refreshing. Quite a hoppy IPA with a big tropical hit. 🌴  I’m loving drinking out of the small cans too. Perfect size for a quick mid-week beer.  6.5%

  • Proteus

    7/10 If you like your IPA to blow your tastebuds to Kindom Come then this is for you! This tastes like a hop orgy on your tongue :p The beer itself has a cloudy orange appearance, much like a wheat beer. Lovely frothy head on it too. Strong hoppy nose. Deep bitter flavours with a… Read more »

  • Go to IPA

    8/10 Such a great IPA! It’s very hoppy but has a fruity smoothness to it. Goes down very well.  Stone use “hop bursting” which adds an “irrational amount of hops during the final stages of brewing bring out maximum flavours and aromas. The result is a session IPA that delivers all the fruity, piney character… Read more »

  • One inch punch

    8/10 Very enjoyable golden ale from America.  It’s a bit different to the usual golden/Amber ales and I was surprised to get a big fruity flavour. This is more of a pale ale or an IPA.  I would buy this again!  3.9%