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Unfiltered lager

6/10 Don’t be put off with the look. This may look like a can from the Tesco Value range but it’s actually a decent little beer!  Brewed in Germany – and they know their lagers! This is an unfiltered lager which means that’s retained much of the flavour and body that the brewer intended. This… Read more »

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One inch punch

8/10 Very enjoyable golden ale from America.  It’s a bit different to the usual golden/Amber ales and I was surprised to get a big fruity flavour. This is more of a pale ale or an IPA.  I would buy this again!  3.9%

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Southwold Summer Beer

7/10 If you like your ales, especially something with a little twist from the norm, then check out the Adnams beers which are brewed exclusively for M&S.  Zesty flavour of grapefruit, sweet with a hint of bitterness This is a fantastic beer for a summers day – or evening in my case! Yes it’s zesty… Read more »

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California Lager

6/10 I drank this ice cold on a warm evening. It hits the spot! A very refreshing lager with a smooth finish.  Normally I find that most lager tastes the same. But this is a decent beer. It tastes as lager should, rather than the weak keg offerings of the typical UK pub.  Golden colour,… Read more »

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Yorkshire Red

7/10 I’m drinking this on my mates canal barge. It’s a lovely day, suns out. 10.30am….! Red ales are great. Really getting into them at the moment. This one is by Black Sheep Brewery who always produce fantastic ales. I went to uni in Yorkshire so they have a special place in my fuzzy memory. … Read more »

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John Smith’s Golden Ale

2/10 I was quite surprised to see a golden ale from John Smith’s. That said, I wasn’t surprised that it’s awful. 4%

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7/10 A very tasty, zesty pale ale. Light amber in colour and smooth on the tongue. You can taste the hints of orange but it’s not overly bitter.  This would be a great accompaniment to sunny day and a bbq!  A curious beast, candied orange and grapefruit hops balanced precariously over a full bodied biscuity… Read more »

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The Golden Goose

7/10 Now then… Only 89p in Lidl. It could have been awful but wow, this is a great golden ale. You can’t beat it for that price! Quite light and refreshing at 3.8%. But still has a good body with an even balance of malt and hops.  You could quite happily have a few of… Read more »

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Fire Catcher

7/10 Bit unusual from Wychwood this. But in a good way! Very tasty beer that has hints of honey and fruits (but not overpoweringly) Would recommend! Especially to golden or pale ale fans who fancy a change. 

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7/10 I’m still trying to get through all my Christmas beers. (It’s a hard life!) Winter amber ale This is a really tasty amber ale. It has a slight winter fruityness to it but it’s not over powering. I could easily sink a few of these in July. I bet Santa does!! 5%