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Jasmine Green Tea

5/10 Yes… beer with green tea! This is a bit different and I enjoyed giving it a go. The green tea is a subtle flavour and not too overpowering. You can tell there is something different about the beer tho, not too dis-similar to the taste of a slice of lemon in your beer. Quite… Read more »

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Ginger Ale

4/10 Wow, this is different! Not your average ginger ale/beer. This is quite a unique blende of strong ginger ale and dark beer. Even though it’s made with dark beer it’s not a heavy drink. It first (I like to taste beers blind without seeing the bottle) I thought it was some sort of bitter… Read more »

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1/10 Mistake!! Thought it was a beer but it’s some fruity alco-pop thing. Got laughed at 🙁