Brugse Zot


Decent Belgian beer. Good flavour, bit of zest in the after taste. Good stuff! If you like Leffe or Duvel then this is for you!

Top fermentation beer that re-ferments in the bottle

This beer is now so popular that the number of delivery trucks to and from the brewery (in the middle of Bruges) is becoming a problem. The brewery will soon start to lay underground pipes to pump their beer straight to a depot out of town. Therefore, the beers history as a “Bruges beer” is still intact without it spoiling the ambiance of this beautiful city.

The people of Bruges are known as Bruges zotten. Bruges fool!
  • Ernesto Allely

    7 of 10! you must be deluded, that beer is a 10 of 10! 😛

    • Adam Palmer

      Hahaha! Thanks mate. I know you love this one. But I kinda prefer the brown one…