Decent Belgian beer. Good flavour, bit of zest in the after taste. Good stuff! If you like Leffe or Duvel then this is for you!

Top fermentation beer that re-ferments in the bottle

This beer is now so popular that the number of delivery trucks to and from the brewery (in the middle of Bruges) is becoming a problem. The brewery will soon start to lay underground pipes to pump their beer straight to a depot out of town. Therefore, the beers history as a “Bruges beer” is still intact without it spoiling the ambiance of this beautiful city.

The people of Bruges are known as Bruges zotten. Bruges fool!

  • Ernesto Allely

    7 of 10! you must be deluded, that beer is a 10 of 10! 😛

    • Adam Palmer

      Hahaha! Thanks mate. I know you love this one. But I kinda prefer the brown one…

Written by anrpalmer