Farnham White


So glad I found a bottle of this! I visited the Hogs Back brewery in 2016 (which is a fantastic tour – the best brewery tour I’ve ever done!) I remember them making a big fuss about these hops that they were growing. Apparently they’ve managed to grow back this certain type of hop that used to be very popular hundreds of years ago. It got a decease, died out (people started using Kent hops instead) but now they’ve grown it again! This bottle is from one of the first batches: harvested September 17th 2015. 

I think it’s great when breweries grow their own ingredients. Not everyone can do that (they maybe too small/big) but it adds a certain nostalgia to the pint. This has been made with love. 

The beer itself is a lovely warm golden colour. Mines a bit flat but has a great aroma. It’s a dry bitter with a big malty kick. Has a hint of pepper; a really great bitter. 

I could do a few of these!


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