Grasshopper CBD Pale Ale


Well, this is a first. I’ve tried over 350 beers and am used to brewers adding unusual flavours to make their beer stand out: Coco porters, tropical pales, milk stouts… Bit orange in your wheat beer even lemon in a corona. Well how about 5mg of CBD?

What’s CBD? I hear you ask, well, Cannabidiol (CBD) is a hemp extract!

Wow, yes! Hats off to the genius at Gorgeous Brewery in London who thought up this one.

Vegan beer made with naturally pure CBD. Hemp extract and hops create flavours full of citrus fruit. Resinous and low in bitterness.

It’s a really decent pale ale: Smells really hoopy and you get a great flood of hop and citrus from the first sip.

I enjoyed the beer, there’s not enough CBD to get you high but about half hour after finishing it I did feel quite relaxed and peaceful.

Grasshopper should be given to all Dads to enjoy at home after a long week of graft!

For some reason I now have Baloo in my head “forget about your worries and your strife…”.


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