Stone IPA

9/10 Love this! Such a great Indian pale ale. Smooth, hoppy and seems to have a flicker of a Belgian wheat beer about it (its not brewed with wheat that’s just how it tastes to me).   It’s brewed in Germany and imported by Brewdog Brewery. What’s a great pair! I’ve had a lot of… Read more »

A over T

9/10 This is only available at the brewery. I carried this bottle for 2 hours on the way home and waited for “a good time” to try it.  That time finally came after bossing an Ikea wardrobe! Aromas Over Tongham is an award winning vintage beer. Bottle conditioned for extra flavour. It has a deep,… Read more »

Trappistes Rochefort 8

10/10 Now ladies and gents… you’re in for a treat….  If you’ve never come across a “trappist” beer before then you need to pay attention. If you love beer then you will love this. There are only 11 monasteries in the world that produce offical trappist beer. The Brasserie de Rochefort, which opened in 1595, is… Read more »


9/10 White IPA is brewed by Adnams in Suffolk. Inspired by American and Belgium flavours. Drank in Kent. Wow! This is a really fantastic IPA. It smells great and has a big citrus punch. Yet it’s still quite smooth. Goes down very well. I need to buy more of this… Combines the pine and citrus… Read more »

Pistonhead Full Amber

9/10 Dark. Full bodied amber lager. Well if this is a lager, it’s probably the best lager I’ve ever tasted! It’s clear, dark brown with a bitter/citrus after taste. Full bodied…. Very unusual in a lager! This is fantastic. It’s dry hopped with citra and cascade hope to offer a spicy citrus edge with a… Read more »

Leffe Rituel 9•

10/10 Behold! This is the best type of Leffe I’ve tasted. It’s a full, rich beer. You almost feel like you need to chew it!  I was lucky enough to be given it after a friend did a booze run to France.  I really like Leffe anyway. It’s a slightly tamer Belgium beer than the… Read more »

Rogue Amber Ale

9/10 Amazing amber ale from the other side of the pond. Very soft and smooth  with a slightly sweet aftertaste.  Find it in weatherspoons! 5.3%


8/10 Full bodied, malty. Really smooth beer. Now one of my favourites. Nice! Timothy Taylor’s Boltmaker was CAMRA champion beer of Britain 2014. Originally brewed in the 1930s as a best bitter to quench the thirst of Yorkshire’s miners.

Tripel Karmeliet

10/10 One of my best beers. This is a great trappist tripel from the Karmeliet abbey. The monks struck gold with this one! Blonde, robust, smooth and fruity 3 grain beer, with final fermentation in the bottle. Brewed with pride, and patience after carmelite tradition with wheat oats and barley. Serve 6-9C 8.4%

  • Santa Paws

    4/10 A Christmas scotch ale from Brewdog. It’s dark and sweet. Not bad! But I prefer my Christmas beers with a bit more fruit and spice. 4.5%

  • Fire Rock

    7/10 Right that’s it… Kona are going on my favourite brewery list. Every one of their beers I’ve tried has been great.  They’re all light, refreshing with a slight malty aftertaste.  This pale ale is no exception. It just has more of the malt, more richness.  Active volcanoes on the Big Island on Hawaii leave… Read more »

  • Nor’hop

    9/10 Well I’ve had my fair share of bottle conditioned beers, but this was my first can contitioned one! Yes that’s right, final fermentation in a can. Live yeast in there doin their magic. Wonderful.  Highly sessionsble ultra pale ale balancing rich British floor malts with citrusy northern hemisphere hops. Humbly awesome.  Nice and pale… Read more »

  • Fionnabhair 

    6/10 Irish white beer. Pretty tasty but doesn’t stand up against its Belgian cousins.  Wheat beer is usually quite cloudly. This had a slight fog to it but looked lighter than expected.  The orange and coriander flavours were there though. Very nice.  5%

  • Easy IPA

    7/10 A session IPA from the Flying Dog brewery in England. This is an easy going IPA. Quite refreshing and light with a good hoppy taste to it. I had this whilst taking down the Christmas Tree. Always a sad time but at least I’ve got a good beer here to see me through. Bring… Read more »

  • Sea to sea lager

    6/10 Crisp and refreshing lager.  Unfiltered and not too gassy.  All lager should be like this.  4%

  • Castaway IPA

    6/10 Another fantastic beer from the Kona Brewing Company. Liquid aloha! You definitely feel like you’re somewhere exotic with the sun on your face whilst drinking their beers.  Seriously, if you’re looking for a new brewery to stock up your fridge with then I highly recommend Kona. Each one I’ve had (all different styles) have… Read more »

  • Red Rye IPA

    6/10 I needed this! Long day and work and the kids are loooooud.   Beer to the rescue! A full bodied mouthfeel with hints of passion fruit and peaches, with notes of pine and citrus fruits A really tasty red ale. Bittersweet after taste with a slight hint of fruit.  4.7%

  • Bank’s amber bitter

    5/10 For 89p in Aldi, this is pretty good stuff! A classic English bitter. Quite light and easy going with a clean finish.  3.8%

  • Holy grail 

    8/10 Awesome. Pissed.  4.7%