10/10 Wow! This is the top end of beer! Soft golden brown in colour and it has a really soft, velvety texture with a fluffy white head.  It tastes really hoppy and maybe a bit syrupy.  The best thing is its on offer in Lidl. Amazing!!  The box is only £7 in Lidl. Each bottle… Read more »

Sorachi Soison

9/10 Adnams brewery are doing some brilliant IPA’s for M&S at the moment. This is probably the best beer I’ve bought from them. Fantastic! Powerful taste with a whopping mouthful of citrus and orange peel with a bit of spice. It’s smooth like a Belgium beer, just glides over the tongue. Such a small bottle…. Read more »

Bangal Lancer

9/10 Very, very smooth Indian Pale Ale. Now these normally bring a big citrus punch (which I also like) but this is a silky beer.  You can still taste the hops but there isn’t as much “tang” as with other IPAs.  Inspired by the Bengal Lancer cavalry regiments during the time of the British Empire. … Read more »

Leffe Rituel 9•

10/10 Behold! This is the best type of Leffe I’ve tasted. It’s a full, rich beer. You almost feel like you need to chew it!  I was lucky enough to be given it after a friend did a booze run to France.  I really like Leffe anyway. It’s a slightly tamer Belgium beer than the… Read more »

Cruzcampo Gran Reserva

9/10 Fantastic! This beer was brought back from Spain by a friend of mine. It is the beer that the people of Southern Spain are most proud of. And it’s easy to see why… This Grand Reserve version of Cruzcampo is a lot maltier than the standard bottle. It’s a rich, golden brown colour with… Read more »


9/10 A fantastic Getman wheat beer. This is on par with Erdinger (which is more widely available in the UK).  Nice and cloudy, as a good wheat beer should be. Not overly sweet like some other wheat beers (hoegarden etc) and what a brilliant name: “scoffer-hofer”!  They sell it in M&S. Go fetch! 5%

Fullers 1845

9/10 Strong beer with a warm malty finish. Awesome stuff. 6.5%  

Shepherd Neame 1698

9/10 Wow! This is a great beer. Strong, smooth and malty. Quite a warm, reddy brown colour. Great stuff! It’s a bottle conditioned beer, which means that it has a bit of yeast in the bottle so that it continues to ferment – just like real ale does in the cask. There are only a few… Read more »


8/10 Full bodied, malty. Really smooth beer. Now one of my favourites. Nice! Timothy Taylor’s Boltmaker was CAMRA champion beer of Britain 2014. Originally brewed in the 1930s as a best bitter to quench the thirst of Yorkshire’s miners.

Hoegaarden Grand Cru

9/10 OMG! What a surprise! I thought I’d give this a try as I like the normal wheat beer by the same brewery. This is actually a full bodied blonde beer but still hazy in look. It tastes amazing! Maybe a bit of vanilla and citrus in there. I need more of this…! 8.5%

Chimay Triple (white)

9/10 Very nice triple strength blonde beer from Belgium. Lovely! The Chimay brewery are only of less than a dozen that produce trappist beer (which I love!) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chimay_Brewery

  • Grimbergen Blonde

    7/10 Decent blonde. Similar to Leffee.

  • Daleside Old Leg Over

    6/10 Bought for a laugh – I’m a sucker for funny names or cool labels. Actually a decent pint! So I got three more 🙂

  • Belgian wheat beer

    6/10 Really nice wheat beer by Marks & Spencer  

  • Chimay Peres Trappist (Blue)

    9/10 Fantastic beer! The monks did a good job with this one. Cracking Belgium Trappist. Dark, thick, slightly sweet and chocolatey.  9%

  • Boerinneken Brun

    5/10 Drank this in a HALF YARD glass! Forgot to take a photo and can’t remember how it tasted! Was ok I think 🙂

  • Steen Brugge

    7/10 Quality brun beer from Belgium. Enjoyed this one 🙂

  • Bruges witbier

    7/10 Nice little white beer from Bruges. Was ok but I prefer Erdinger.

  • Westmalle

    Westmalle Dubbel

    10/10 Really nice, light, brown beer from Belgian. Almost as good, if not better, than the blonde. Usually brown versions are heavier, not this one. I’m enjoying this Trappist masterpiece! Later edit – after much sampling later – this is now one of my favourite beers. A great success by the Westmalle monks. It’s quite… Read more »

  • Brugse Zot Dubbel

    7/10 I prefer this “brun” to the “blonde” version, but that’s just me. It’s a really nice beer. Not as heavy as most of the other Belgium beers which makes it a good starting beer if you’re new to this type of tipple. This beer (along with the blonde) is now so popular that the… Read more »