Pistonhead Full Amber


Dark. Full bodied amber lager.

It’s clear, dark brown with a bitter/citrus aftertaste. Full bodied…. Very unusual in a lager! This is fantastic.

It’s dry hopped with Citra and cascade hope to offer a spicy citrus edge with a bitter twist.


One thought on “Pistonhead Full Amber

  1. I totally know what you mean, since converting to real ales I just don’t enjoy Lager so when I saw this I was sceptical. I work for Sainsburys and it’s my job to merchandise new products, this amongst a few others was my job today, from initially looking at it I just had a feeling it would be different from mass produced Lager so I bought 2 cans, a couple of hours in the fridge and then it was sampling time, from pouring it I saw that the head was rich, creamy & frothy, a dark chestnuty brew underneath, the smell was quite hoppy with sweet and bitter notes so promising, I took a long drink of it and it certainly didn’t disappoint, burnt toffee, spicy notes and a hint of sweetness after the cascade hop bitterness, it was really moreish and both cans were empty pretty quickly.

    How this qualifies as a Lager i’ll never know but it’s the only Lager I will ever joy unless someone can point me in the direction of others like this :p

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