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Ola Dubh

4/10 “Ale matured in whisky casks” The casks they used had Highland Park Scotch Whiskey in which is pretty smokey and sweet. Not one for me.  8%

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Santa Paws

4/10 A Christmas scotch ale from Brewdog. It’s dark and sweet. Not bad! But I prefer my Christmas beers with a bit more fruit and spice. 4.5%

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Plum Porter

4/10 A dark and strong plum porter from the Titanic brewery.  It has a good bitter sweet start but I found it an overly sweet finish. A bit too rich for my mood.  4.9%

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Montezuma’s chocolate lager

4/10 Chocolate lager from the Hogs Back Brewery. Actually tastes of proper chocolate, not a slight hint like others I’ve tried.  Decent experiment but you couldn’t have too many at one – too sweet.  4.5%

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Blanche de Namur

4/10 A very pale wheat beer, almost milky white. The back of the bottle provides instructions on how to pour it for perfection.    It’s ok… A bit bland when compared to the big guns like Erdinger.  Available in Aldi.     

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Ginger Ale

4/10 Wow, this is different! Not your average ginger ale/beer. This is quite a unique blende of strong ginger ale and dark beer. Even though it’s made with dark beer it’s not a heavy drink. It first (I like to taste beers blind without seeing the bottle) I thought it was some sort of bitter… Read more »

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Whitstable Bay Organic Ale

4/10 Brewed using only organic ingredients… Blends citrusy hops with nutty malt flavours to crest a fresh drink Quite a refreshing pint but a bit too citrusy for me. Bit of a strange after taste.  Brewed by Faversham Steam Brewery (Shepherd Neame to you and me) 4.5%

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Dark Star Espresso

4/10 Beer AND coffee. Sounds interesting…! You can really taste the roasted barley and a bit of the coffee. Although this was a bit too bitter for me.  A black beer brewed with dark roasted barley and coffee beans Dark Star brewery were named after the music of the Grateful Dead (60’s rock band) and… Read more »

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4/10 Brewed in Bremen, Germany. One of the only lagers that tastes of anything. If you’re stuck between this and one of the usual keg lagers then go for this. There are much better lagers out there now e.g. Samuel Adams Boston Lager, Pistonhead Full Amber, Brooklyn Lager