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Southwold Summer Beer

7/10 If you like your ales, especially something with a little twist from the norm, then check out the Adnams beers which are brewed exclusively for M&S.  Zesty flavour of grapefruit, sweet with a hint of bitterness This is a fantastic beer for a summers day – or evening in my case! Yes it’s zesty… Read more »

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Sorachi Soison

9/10 Adnams brewery are doing some brilliant IPA’s for M&S at the moment. This is probably the best beer I’ve bought from them. Fantastic! Powerful taste with a whopping mouthful of citrus and orange peel with a bit of spice. It’s smooth like a Belgium beer, just glides over the tongue. Such a small bottle…. Read more »

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9/10 White IPA is brewed by Adnams in Suffolk. Inspired by American and Belgium flavours. Drank in Kent. Wow! This is a really fantastic IPA. It smells great and has a big citrus punch. Yet it’s still quite smooth. Goes down very well. I need to buy more of this… Combines the pine and citrus… Read more »

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Southwold Blonde Beer

8/10 I really enjoyed this one.  It’s quite a light beer but has good body with a fluffy head. Tastes similar to the Blondes you’ll find in Belgium, maybe just a bit lighter.  The addition of citrus gives it a twist and it really reminds me of wheat beer for some reason. Which is a… Read more »

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Ghost Ship

7/10 Very enjoyable pale ale from Adnams Brewery. Fluffy head with good lacing. Very smooth with just the right amount of bitterness. Reminds me of Boddingtons.