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American Indian Pale Ale

8/10 Got this on the off chance at M&S. So glad!! This is everything I want in an IPA: citrus smell, refreshing taste, big hop smash with a bitter kick. 👍 Brewed by Arbor Ales. Will definitely be buying this again.  6%

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Southwold Summer Beer

7/10 If you like your ales, especially something with a little twist from the norm, then check out the Adnams beers which are brewed exclusively for M&S.  Zesty flavour of grapefruit, sweet with a hint of bitterness This is a fantastic beer for a summers day – or evening in my case! Yes it’s zesty… Read more »

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6/10 Another of the exclusive beers brewed for Marks & Spencer’s. You can’t go wrong in their range.  This is a crisp and lively pale ale. Big bubbly head. Citrus nose. Clean and refreshing taste.  If you like your citrus then this is for you.   Brewed to showcase the wonderful flavours of the modern… Read more »

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Why kick a moo cow

5/10 Brewed by Arbor Ales in Bristol. Influenced by New Zeland. Purchased from Marks & Spencer’s in Bluewater. Drank in Kent with some beans on toast. This is a bottle conditioned beer which means your on sediment alert when poring it (slowly!). It also means that this is a cared for ale of the highest… Read more »

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7/10 A very tasty, zesty pale ale. Light amber in colour and smooth on the tongue. You can taste the hints of orange but it’s not overly bitter.  This would be a great accompaniment to sunny day and a bbq!  A curious beast, candied orange and grapefruit hops balanced precariously over a full bodied biscuity… Read more »

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Sorachi Soison

9/10 Adnams brewery are doing some brilliant IPA’s for M&S at the moment. This is probably the best beer I’ve bought from them. Fantastic! Powerful taste with a whopping mouthful of citrus and orange peel with a bit of spice. It’s smooth like a Belgium beer, just glides over the tongue. Such a small bottle…. Read more »

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9/10 White IPA is brewed by Adnams in Suffolk. Inspired by American and Belgium flavours. Drank in Kent. Wow! This is a really fantastic IPA. It smells great and has a big citrus punch. Yet it’s still quite smooth. Goes down very well. I need to buy more of this… Combines the pine and citrus… Read more »

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Amarillo golden ale

7/10 I like this one. Goes down well and you wouldn’t mind sticking with it for a while.  The Amarillo hop comes from the Yakima valley in America. It’s one of their most sought after hop varieties as it gives a slight tangerine flavour to the beer.  This is brewed by Meantime Brewery in Greenwich,… Read more »

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Welsh Golden Ale

7/10 A very refreshing golden ale. It has a touch of citrus in it (just the right amount to give it a twist, nothing to tangy) which gives it an edge. Very nice. Brewed by Brains brewery in Cardiff for marks & spencers. 4.6%