The Fear


It’s Halloween season and my beers have a little bit more spice and character to them.

This one is by the Flying Dog brewery and is described as an “imperial pumpkin ale”.

Now pumpkin ales can be a bit of an acquired taste. Have one and that’s it type of job. But this has added spice in the brew, and it makes all the difference.

I kept this quite cold before drinking. Usually I take bottles out of the fridge a good half hour before enjoying, but it worked well with this. It’s 9% too so this will be my one and only for tonight!

Why is there only one time of year where we embrace THE FEAR? At all other times THE FEAR dominates us, controls us, and prevents us from greatness. Whatever THE FEAR is that consumes you, learn to embrace it. Only then will the true artist in you rise up.

That might just be the best beer label I’ve ever read.

It’s certainly given me something to contemplate whilst relaxing and enjoying the rest of this sweet and spicy beer. Bravo chaps!


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