Why kick a moo cow


Brewed by Arbor Ales in Bristol. Influenced by New Zeland. Purchased from Marks & Spencer’s in Bluewater. Drank in Kent with some beans on toast.

This is a bottle conditioned beer which means your on sediment alert when poring it (slowly!). It also means that this is a cared for ale of the highest quality.

Hoppy New Zeland pale ale with a slightly sweet malty character balanced by big tropical fruit flavours

It s a light and hazy looking  beer with a froffey head. You get a nose full of tropical smells as you bring it close. The taste is sweet, malty and bitter all at once.

Quite complex this one and I’m not sure what it’s trying to be: soft and malty, tropical and zesty or something else.

More research needed. 


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